Gifts for Beer Lovers

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Gifts for Beer Lovers

The wings and beer lover

We’re going to start off our list with something unique and spicy 😉 IF you have a beer lover in in your life that enjoys a little kick.  This gift is for them!


The beer lover that has everything

Gift #2 on our gifts for beer lovers is this beautiful personalized beer flight set.  Each one is individual engraved and finished by hand.  Making this the perfect gift for your craft beer lover

Beer Flight Night

The goofy beer lover

We don’t feel like we have to say much about these socks other than everyone should have a pair 

The outdoor beer lover

Another personalized gift and of favorite of ours because it can keep beers cool and it looks beautiful!

classic beverage trough

That fancy beer lover

Continuing our list of gifts for beer lovers: A unique gift they are (almost) guaranteed not to have.  This gift for beer lovers is fun and unique!  And it will keep that craft brew tasting like it came right off the tap

The minimalist beer lover

What you see is what you get.  This minimalist beer flight set is a great gift for the beer lovers that like their life as simple and organized as possible.  This slick design allows it to be easily stored and it comes with the 4 glasses

beer flight gift

The meat head beer lover

The glass for the beer lover with beer muscles 😛

For the Shower beer lover (so all of us)

The gift for beer lovers and shower beer lovers a like.  This may be the most mandatory gift on this list


The snacker

Here’s a joke for you.  What’s the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts?  Beer nuts are usually free and deer nuts are under a buck!  HAHAHA 



The german beer lover

Das Boot!!!  AND that’s all i have to say about that


The crazy beer lover

This gift for beer lovers is for that beer lover that is always talking about is crazy antics.  Luckily you can keep him/her safe with this bad ass looking glass


The guy that never has beer opener

We all have THAT friend.  He likes to drink the fancy beers and is always ready to share and talk about the latest and greatest IPA.  But there is on issue, he never has a beer opener with him.  This gift solves that!  Check it out!

The Craft lover that hasn’t made their own beer yet

It’s always fun giving something else a shot, like making your own beer.  I for one have not, but this gift is definitely going to be on my wish list from Santa this coming Christmas.  

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