Personalized Wedding Gifts

classic beverage trough

Personalized wedding gifts

Anyone can go on a registry and find find a boring gift like towels or a few extra rolls of toilet paper.  I know, I know, there are some better things on there list, but you get the idea.  And the point being is that there are great gifts out there that are not on the list!  So get them something meaningful and check out this list of personalized wedding gifts.

Classic wine chiller

This is a Reilly Creation best seller and makes it to the top of our list of personalized wedding gifts.  Our Personalized Wine Chiller is easily customized and you can see a full preview before placing your order.  You will also have the option of adding a chalkboard to the back making it a gift for every occasion

classic beverage trough

wine caddy

Not only is the wine caddy a great decoration and a great way to display your wine and glasses, it also makes it easier to carry the glasses and the wine.  This can be personalized in many ways.  for example: “Mr. Mrs. Schwartz” or “The Smiths est. 2019”

Personalized Wine Caddy

cutting board

Who doesn’t need a cutting board? The paddle comes in multiple styles designs, not to mention, it is the perfect addition to any kitchen.  Imagine going to your best friends house and seeing their beautiful cutting board (that you got them) holding some crackers and cheese.  That sounds like a solid night 😉

picture frame

A picture is worth a thousand words and the right picture frame can make it the memory of a life time.  which is worth so so much more than “1000 words”.  And these picture frames can help you do just that!  They come in 3 different sizes and you can personalize them how you see best

wedding guest book

It can be hard to remember an entire wedding.  Most of the time the bride and groom won’t even have the time to eat their meal.  So make it a GREAT memory for them.  Set them up with this Wedding Guest book that they can proudly display on their coffee table and remember their special night.  And don’t forget to sign your name first 😉

family established sign

Not only is this one a great wedding gift, it’s also a great gift for anniversaries or a housewarming gift.  Make their wedding year memorable for the bride and groom.  They will see this on their wall and will never be able to forget that special year.

family name sign

drop top guest book

This personalized wedding gift is incredibly fun and unique.  It’s guaranteed to be original because everyone at the wedding can add their own personal touch.  The concept is easy, each guest can decorate their own tag and drop it in for a life time of memory!

engraved coasters

Check out this set of coasters.  Everyone needs a good set of coasters and why not make it a set that will help them remember the best day of their life.  They will remember the day every time they go and lift that cold frosty beer off of the coaster.

beer flight

This one is a bit more unique and is geared directly towards the beer lovers that are getting married.  You know the kind, the ones that are talking about having their wedding at a brewery.  This is a great gift and makes a great and easy date night.

personalized beer flight

his and hers champagne flute

Create a special way for the bride and groom to remember that special night of their wedding.  These flutes not only give a great excuse to drink champagne, they also give a great reason to celebrate that special night.  Now they can remember their wedding night every new years and continue to celebrate.

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