16 Unique Date Night Ideas that are Actually Fun

Talking Date Night

Beer Flights:

Are you and your SO beer snobs?  Try out this beer flight and you’ll have a new go to date for every weekend.  Not to mention these are also great for whisky flight and wine flights 😉  This is a great unique date night that you will be sure to do multiple times!

personalized beer flight

Go out to your local bottle shop and find 4 beers you haven’t tried yet and by all means go with the beer that looks the silliest and take bets on how awful it will be!

Wine Date:

Gather at the table, in front of the TV, or on the back patio and just enjoy your favorite wines.  Take a deep breath in and taste the wine and really pay attention to the flavors. Straightaway you’ll notice more robust flavors and notes.  Eventually you may even end up being a connoisseur.

chalkboard wine

 Mixed Drinks:

This unique date night is for those booze lover out there.  Find a fun mixed drink like a tequila sunrise or a Moscow mule.  Of course, you do not want your drinks to get warm so keep them cool in this great beverage coolers.

Mixed Drink Beverage Chiller


This is one of my favorites and takes almost no thought, besides picking what you’re going to stream off of.  And really it doesn’t matter what movie you pick.

I know what your thinking and I agree, we spend too much time in front of the TV and you don’t want to watch a crappy movie.  And that’s why your going to do it a little differently. In fact we are going to add drinking rules. For example every time that he makes an obvious blunder with his crush, take 2 drinks.  Enjoy 😉  Chance up the movies and the rules to make it a unique date night each time you watch a movie.

Movie Night

Cheese and Crackers:

Pretend to be fancy for a night by adding in cheese and crackers.  And you can go as fancy as you want here. For example, you can go get pre-cut cheddar right next to the string cheese and Ritz crackers. On the other hand, you can get a fancy brie and some fancy stale tasting crackers.  Stick to the Ritz…..

Enjoy the crackers and keep track of what combinations you like and what you didn’t.  

Cheese and Crackers

Pro tip:  Get the stinkiest cheese you can find and see who can tolerate the most of it.

Fire Pit:

In my opinions this is a totally underrated unique date night.  Because this involves fire, make sure you check with your local laws/ rules to see what you are allowed to do. As soon as you know you’re good to go get a fire pit.

The next steps are pretty easy easy.  First, get wood. Second,…. Third, make fire.  

Fire Pit Date Nights

Fires are great by themselves to keep you and your loved one warm or you can add a sweet treat them and make s’mores.  Check out these great recipes


I know what your thinking and that’s why i’m just going to ignore that thought….   But seriously, Go grab a game you haven’t played for a while. This can be from the old N64 or from the closet.  By the same token you can go out and get a new game. 

Go to Five Below and find a game for 5 dollars.  For example, you can get the latest and greatest knock off battles ships game.  It only cost 5$ so even if you play it once it’ll still make it a fun unique date night!

Board Game Date Night


This is a simple, cheap, and fun way to spend an hour.   And you can do it just about anywhere. For example: You can go to the park, walk around the neighborhood, or go out for a hike

Pro tip: Find a place that you can go see the sunset.  Grab a bottle of wine and relax while watching the sun fall below the horizon.  In other words, make it romantic 😉

Romantic Walk Date Night


Honestly, this is the ultimate of date nights.  You get to be romantic, sexual, and it’s fun. Like many other physical activities, you’ll improve over time and after paying attention to how your significant other reacts.

I recommend a high quality massage oil such as Bridge Street Soaps custom fragrance oil

Massage Date Night

Cook Together:

Because this entails working together, it may not be the best date night 😛  On the other hand, Maybe this is the perfect date night to learn to work together. 

The best way to do this is to pick a country and try making their cuisine.  For example try this great butter chicken recipe: Butter Chicken 

cooking date night

Learn about each other:

I don’t care how long you have been together, there is always something to learn about one another.  Like what kind of underwear they prefer. The answer may surprise you. For this reason, I like to pick some topics that I think I already know.

There are a bunch of question games that will suit this style of learning.  For example you can play 20 questions, This or That, or would you rather. Personally I always like to play this or that.

Talking Date Night

Couples Yoga (or other workout)

This one is funny and you get some exercise in.  And it’s extremely easy to do. First go onto YouTube and find a couples workout that works engaging and fun.  For example, try this one out.

Although this may seem challenging, it can be quite fun with the right person and an obvious sense of humor.  Surely you can make it fun.

Yoga Date Night

Draw each other:

Imagine sitting there and staring at your loved one as you try to draw each other.  Now imagine how silly you 2 will look while uncontrollably knowing how awful they are going to be.  This is a very simple date night and can be easily done with just a couple of pens and some paper. Undoubtedly, this is going to be one of the funniest and best dates you’ll have in a long time. 

Drawing Date Night

Pro tip:  Have some drinks first.  Try out a few new beers with these beer flights.


Similarly to drawing each other, this one is not just for the artsy type, it can be done by anyone.  I recommend getting a starter art set from amazon or AC Moore. Of course the next question is: What do you paint?  And quite honestly, it really doesn’t matter and there are so many options! For example, you can check on YouTube and watch a class together, go to YouTube and watch a little Bob Ross

Painting Date Night

Nerf Guns:

This one is only for the funnest couples.  And I don’t mean to be negative, but how many people still admit to being kids on the inside?  Clearly you need to have the heart of a child to enjoy this one.  

Nerf Date Night

This one is especially great to play when it’s nice outside and use the entire yard and house as your battle ground.  For example, run outside and wait behind the tree for your unexpected prey. In addition, you can make this even more fun by adding in some beer.  Every time you get hit, you have to take a drink!

Start a Business:

For the entrepreneurs out there, this may be a lot more fun than it sounds.  In fact this can lead you down a road of financial freedom and a lot of fun. In my opinion, I can’t think of a better use of time.

Business Date Night

Now as difficult as it sounds, it is actually quite easy.  First, start by making a list of all the things you enjoy doing.  Second, pick one and start playing around with the ideas. For example, if one of you likes knitting you can make a knitting blog or you can open an Etsy shop.  On the other hand, if you like cooking, start a cooking blog!

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